Medicare For All

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Senior Care and Medicare For All

Medicare is a true lifesaver for those of us over 65 and those of us with disabilities. However, the premiums for the supplemental plans are costly, and choosing the best Part D prescription plan is downright confusing. Furthermore, too often when the doctor wants to prescribe something new, he and we have to jump through hoops to get it approved because Part D is run by for-profit insurance companies. Sadly, our current Medicare doesn’t cover hearing, vision, dental, or long term care.

Sen. Sanders heard our pain, and crafted his bill Medicare for All to cover everything from head to toe, & eliminate the need for costly Part B and supplemental, and Part D prescription insurance premiums. Medicare for All will cover healthcare needs for all Americans with no co-pays, no deductibles, and no premiums. It will include vision, dental, hearing, and long-term care. 

Some media and candidates are trying to scare people by saying Senator Sanders wants to eliminate Medicare. That isn’t true, he wants to expand and improve it while keeping all the parts of Medicare that we love.

Why Should My Boss Control My Healthcare?

At a recent event, Joe Biden promoted his new Affordable Care Act 2.0 plan by saying “If you like your employer-based plan, you can keep it.” 

But I don’t like my employer-based health insurance plan. I like the healthcare provider I have access to through my health insurance plan. The difference between those two is an important one and candidates like Biden should not be conflating the two.

Furthermore, I don’t like that my employer-based health insurance plan is just that - employer based. My employer chooses which healthcare plan(s) they offer me, not based on what is best for my needs, but what is most cost effective for them. And since my health insurance plan determines whose network I am in, my employer is essentially choosing my doctor for me. 

Even worse, my employer could change the plans they offer me without my input, forcing me to change doctors. One study found almost 30% of employers did so in a given year. And that’s on top of the forced change if I switch jobs, get fired, or just decide to retire early. And, God forbid, if I become too sick to work not only will I lose my job but I’ll lose the healthcare access I had through my job. When I would need it most is when employer-based healthcare would fail me the greatest.

Bernie Sanders’s Medicare-For-All legislation solves all of these issues. By eliminating health insurance plans and replacing them with Medicare-For-All, it’ll be eliminating networks and giving me, along with every other American, access to any healthcare provider I choose, not one my employer chooses.

What’s more, it frees the over 100 million Americans who currently have employer-based health insurance from the whims of their employers. No longer would employers be able to dangle the health insurance plan carrot in front of us during salary negotiations. No longer would unions have to battle with management to maintain health insurance benefits, leaving them with more ammunition to fight for better working conditions, paid time leave, paternity and maternity leave, etc. 

Regardless of my or any one else’s employment status, we could all have access, not only to healthcare, but to the doctors and hospitals of our choice. That’s what sets Medicare-For-All apart from every other plan and that is what makes it worth fighting for.